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mallory's tree house shown with slide, climbing wall, rope wall, swings and steps
mallory's tree house shown in cobalt blue with kids playing on swings with door and porch at bottom of log
kid shown on mallory's tree house porch showing rustic wood slats on railing
mallory's tree house shown with monkey bars painted in neutrals, accented with greens and red roof and green slide
close up of window on log made to look rustic on mallory's tree house
interior of mallory's tree house showing skylight window openings
close up of mallory's tree house gable with accents of cobalt blue
Mallory's Tree House

Mallory's Tree House

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The significance with Mallory's Tree House is that it comes with a real log that is 6' tall.  The craftsman work hard to hollow out the tree with a door and porch.  A whimsy house is added to the top with windows.  A trap door allows access to the club house.  All framing is sturdy with Douglas fir and cedar boarding siding.  There are two sizes available, standard and deluxe.  Our standard features a 4' diameter log, porch, door and window with a footprint of 4' x 5', four windows, house door. 6' x 5' balcony, turbo slide, roof dormer, and swing. The deluxe includes a 5' diameter log with a porch, door and window, 5'x 6' house footprint, four windows, two swings, monkey bars, 6' x 6' balcony area, roof dormer, turbo slide and sized to 15" high by 28' wide by 12' deep.  Optional climbing wall and climbing net are also available to add on.  Will ship in 10 to 12 weeks.